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Music is the driving force, the universal language that connects us all!

One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain ― Bob Marley

The Zuzu Club is Apostolos Argiris. Apostolos Argiris is The Zuzu Man or Paco or Lakis (I hate the last one). Searching and Digging for Music, for over 30 years. A Flame and a passion that never fades out, specially now with the Internet, our thirst and lust grows and grows like nothing ever can stop […]

Paul Goodyear aka SanFranDisko, a Master DJ, ReMixer, Editor and Music Producer at it for 35 + years. A Wizard, a Scientist and a True Disko Citizen. Goodyear has contributed to BMG, Universal, Sony Music, Central Station Records, DMC Records, Centaur Music, Vapour Recordings, FFRR, Ultimix, Hot Tracks, Direct Hit, D1 Music and more. Goodyear’s […]

Alkalino (Audaz/Munich) Lisbon bred, Munich based Lino Rodrigues, aka Alkalino, began DJing in the late 80’s. Skip forward almost 30 years through countless worldwide residencies and numerous vinyl and digital releases and we find Alkalino at the top of the international Disco / Nu-Disco / House craze with releases on multiple labels. His tracks have […]

Riris aka Teddy “2Fast” Papas (Chicago days alias), started playing records back in 1976, in a club in his summer resort home in the island of Sifnos, somewhere in the Aegean Sea. It was there at the tender age of 15, that he learned the “art” of programming music. Beat-by-Beat mixing though came much later in […]

If you ask him about his love for music, UFe is a man of few words. But then again any artist speaks through his means of artistic expression. In his case, UFe manifests himself as an explosion of diverse musical influences that create a more unique style which resists easy categorization. From the ancestral rhythms […]

It all started for her when she and RadioActive “met”… She fell in love! She just … loves music (and ice cream)! That’s all Every Friday morning 10:00-11:00 (local Greek time)

Cuchyfritos: The term originally referred to small fried parts of a pig. It derives its name from the word cuchi, short for cochino or pig and frito, which describes something that is fried. Cuchyfritos: The Man originally referred to small fried parts of Funk with special sauce of World Beats & Breaks… Peculiar cranky sounds […]