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New Chat

Announcing our new chat room!
The old chat was akward and maybe a bit unfriendly as well, I believe this new one is simpler and far better!

Chat is available only to registered users and its located in the "My Stuff" Menu Option.

A few hints and tips about our new chat :
1) If you type @ + username, like @matt, it will highlight the message to that user. Click the circle avatar to quickly add it to the input.
2) If you use a hash tag (#), it automatically turns them into channel links, like #hey.
3) If you paste a link to an image, it will show the image inline. Also, pasted URLs will turn into links.
4) There is some (limited) Markdown support: __bold__, _italic_, `code`, > blockquote, * list, --- hr, ~~strike~~, [alt](link) and ![alt](image.jpg).
5) If you're using as a Fluid desktop app, to login with twitter you need to "whitelist" it first. Go to Preferences > Whitelist and add **, see screenshot.

So... We want to see you there simply because every producer needs your moral support.