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Lavr Berzhanin
Dj Laurel /

Dj Laurel (Lavr Berzhanin) has been collecting vinyl since 1999. He was the first in Belarus to play Nu-Jazz, Latin, Disco, Soul , Funk & Rare Groove .

DJ Laurel is the most popular Belarusian artist on BBC6 Craig Charles Funk & Soul Show ( ),

Signed with premier Nu Jazz, Funk, Breaks and Nu Disco label Timewarp Music. Regularly appeared on Germany’s Too Slow To Disco, Katakana Edits, Spanish Spa In Disco.

Resident of RadioActive 91.3 Sifnos (in Greece)

Dj Laurel (Lavr Berzhanin) has been collecting vinyl since 1999. He was the first in Belarus to play Nu-Jazz, Latin, Disco, Soul, Funk & Rare Groove. Booked artist like: Jazzanova, Richard Dorfmeister (Kruder & Dorfmeister duo), Robert Luis, Florian Keller, 7 Samurai, Bonobo , Andy Smith (ex Portishead) , Crazy P and much more. Laurel had joint dj sets at London’s Big Chill Bar, The Queen, Favela Chic, Germany legendary Mufathalle Café , USA, Montenegro, France, Austria sharing stage with such great musicians and Djs like Montefiori Coctail, Dj Food, Jason Boardman, Nickodemus , Dj Format, Florian Keller , Dom Servin, Boca45 and many others. In 2011 took part into Festival LoveBox in London sharing stage with Adam Scrimchire , Dom Servini and others. In 2015 played with Dj Andy Smith (Portishead) at London’s Koko club warming David Gilmour, also with participation Neil Tannant (Pet Shop Boys)
In 2005 Laurel starts working in the sphere of booking organizing events in Belarus with the participation of one of the world’s greatest independent artists and dj’s.

Jazzanova /Sonar Kollektiv, Germany/
Richard Dorfmeister – part of Austrian godfathers K&D duo / G-Stone AU/
Clara Hill /Sonar Kollektiv/
Robert Luis /A&R Tru Thoughts UK/
Joe90 /Futureboogie, Kiss 101Fm,UK/
Florian Keller /Compost, Into Something, Germany/
7 Samurai, /Gamm ,Compost, Panoptikum AU/
Mc Coppa / G-stone, RockStar, UK /
Bonobo / Ninja Tune /UK/
Andy Smith / PORTISHEAD Dj , UK/
T-woc aka Michel Donohoe /Alpahabetset,Ireland/
Valique / Freestyle Rec. / –
Gruyeredj /New Cheese , SP/
Crazy P /2020 Vision UK/
Nickodemus /ESL,NYC/
Lack Of Afro /Freestyle, UK/
Diesler /Ninja Tune , Tru Thoughts, UK/
Dj Format – UK/
Dom Servini /WahWah45’s label boss, UK/
Jon Kennedy /Grand Central, Tru Thoughts, UK/
Michael Reinboth / Compost label founder and owner, DE/
Roskow Kretschmann (ex-Jazzanova, Kosma, Intega) Compost Records, DE
Freddie Cruger aka Red Astair /Tru Thoughts, UK/
Pitchben /Compost, DE/
Chris Read /BBE Records, UK/
Kym Mazelle ( NYC ) live – the first house diva
Aroop Roy ( UK)

And much more….

In 2009 and 2011 took part into Dj Festival in Montenegro alongside with Dom Servini, Florian Keller, Eddy Ramich and many more.

In 2011 for the first time ever played on the live WahWah45 tent on Love Box festival, London sharing stage with Stac, Adam Scrimshire, Blue Daisy, Colman Brothers and much much more.

In 2015 Lavr became a part of he book: International Entrepreneurship in the Arts focuses – on teaching students, artists, and arts managers specific strategies for expanding creative ventures that are already successful domestically to an international audience. International Entrepreneurship in the Arts is already announced by the International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies (IFACCA) and is on pre-order on and published in spring 2016

Most charted Belarusian edit producer on biggest online UK’s JUNODOWNLOAD (

Dj Laurel has got a lot of positive feedbacks from one of the finest dj’s;

“ Belarus is not an easy thing but the little man has got a lot of energy and kind heart, a very good taste in music as well as good dj skills.” /Valique, Freestyle Rec./

“Excellent musical digging ” /Nickodemus, USA, NY/

“ The best Belarusian dj. Has a perfect music taste and plays great disco and soul” /Florian Keller, Compost, De/

“ Don of a rare groove in Belarus” / 7 Samurai aka Tom Wieland Panoptikum, Compost, AU/

“Respect & free thought to Laurel, great promoter. Professional attitude and warm great hospitality “ /Mc Coppa, G-Stone, Universal, UK/

“One of my favorite dj in the world. He’s great! You know what his secret is? It’s his height! He is short and is closer to the turntables with the records!
You are very lucky to have him and don’t have to complain that he is the only of his kind around. Believe me, it’s better to have just one outstanding DJ than hundreds of common ones”
/Dom Servini, UK/

“Respect what he’s doing in Belarus” /Bonobo, Ninja Tune UK/